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Your tournament committee has 20 years of experience operating AAA Hockey tournaments. Our mission has been to provide a great on-ice and off-ice experience for all players and their families. We fully understand the large commitment coming from your end with time constraints, travel, and other expenses. With that said, we are striving to provide a quality product by attaining higher end AAA programs from throughout North America. We are tournypg1excited to have teams from as far as Alaska, Arizona, and Canada that have continued to come back year after year. A strong connection with many AAA Summer programs and their contacts has allowed us to do that. Importantly, we have secured the best officials the northland has to offer along with knowledgeable game workers. In our first season, each and every game came off without a hitch.
We have not left out any of the tournament extras including team and individual awards, t-shirts and ‘Visit Duluth’ packs for sale and more! We do NOT charge a gate fee, so we encourage you to bring your family, friends and anyone else wanting to see quality summer hockey at its finest!
Both Todd and Pamm Collins want to extend a warm welcome to Northern Exposure Hockey! We are excited to meet our new players and families as well as seeing our return players and families.

This will be Team Northwest 31th season participating in High-Level Youth Hockey Programs.


July 12 – 17 2022
2005/06, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011