Thank you to you all!! We had a fabulous time as a family and Carson had a lot of positive things so say about this amazing experience. Thank you so much for doing this and allowing Carson and our family to be a part of it. Blessings to you all and safe travels.
Jami Dean,

Dear Todd and Pamm,

Thank you for providing Alex the opportunity to play with Team Northwest!  He had a great time and his skills have improved in magnitude.  You run a very tight ship and everything went very well, we appreciate your efforts in furthering youth in their hockey development.  Hopefully we can meet up again in the future.

P.S. My wife Krista gave rave reviews of her time in Canmore

Gregg Neibauer DPM

Alpine Foot & Ankle Clinic 1845 Bancroft St.

Missoula, MT 59801

(406) 721-4007




Thank you so much Pamm and Todd, we really had a fun time. You guys put together a well organized week, kicking it off with a great practice schedule that bonded a solid team and prepared them for a highly competitive but well placed tournament. The games were definitely faster than what Alex has been used to and it was a good eye opener for him. It was also really fun for Alex (and us) to play with kids (and parents) who have been on opposing teams in past tournaments, and getting to know them. Alex had some laughs with a couple boys who remembered each other from those tournaments. We look forward to crossing paths again with all of you in the future. Oh – by the way, Ali and our daughter Hannah made it to Iceland. She left Calgary Saturday morning, and they were on a flight to Iceland by Saturday night – even managing to get first class seats (flying standby)! Thanks again, Allan & Ali

Hi Todd and Pamm,

Thank you for allowing our son, Colin, to play for the Team Northwest 2002 birth-year team. We really enjoyed both the Calgary and Duluth tournaments. We were impressed with the entire Team Northwest program – the coaches, practices, competition, and the overall development of players.

The coaches for both tournaments were very experienced and had played and coached at high-levels. They connected with the players and ran great practices. The drills and tempo of the practices pushed the players to compete at a higher level and prepared them for the competition they faced in the Calgary and Duluth tournaments. It was great to see players from so many different geographical locations come together so quickly to form a team and compete so well against highly competitive AAA teams. The fact that the team competed so well is a testament to the strength of the Team Northwest program and coaches.

Team Northwest helped Colin mature and develop as a player. He came away from the Team Northwest experience with key learnings, improved skills, and confidence that will make him a better player when he hits the ice for the fall/winter hockey season. Thanks again for everything.

Sincerely, Mark and Michelle Beilstein




Dear Todd and Pamm!

I would like to follow up with an email and express our excitement and gratitude for putting together such a wonderful program for our kids and their families, alike. The kids had a wonderful opportunity to practice with very qualified coaching staff and compete at a high level. In a short period of time, they came together a team and friends off the ice. All families were wonderful! I thoroughly enjoyed the company of many parents throughout the event, both 2004 and 2002 groups. The community atmosphere at the camp was wonderful where families and friends look out for each other. Both Lucas and I are looking forward to the Duluth experience in July!

Thanks and best wishes!

Chris Raiskin




Dear Todd, Pamm, Garry and Tim,

I meant to get this out to you right away, but I feel like I have been chasing my tail all summer just trying to keep up with my family.  So even though it comes to you late, it comes with no less thanks and gratitude than if I had sent it in a timely manner.  Michael, Trystan and I would like to thank you for all of the time and hard work you all put into making our TNW experience so wonderful!

We were so impressed at how organized everything was, which is no small feat, considering the numbers you were dealing with, Todd and Pamm. Garry, only a true hockey Dad/fan would manage two team when you don’t have a kid on either team! All of your behind the scene work made our time there go off without a hitch. Tim, we can’t tell you how much we value the time Trystan had with you. You are an amazing coach, with the patience of Job. It was much too short;  we wish Trystan could have you as his coach year round. Your Phoenix boys are very fortunate!

It is not often you get to be surrounded by so many quality people. All of the kids were very nice and polite and even though some of the boys knew each other from playing together before, it was never cliquish; they were all great about not leaving anyone out. The same holds true for the parents. Not once did I hear a negative comment come out of anyone’s mouth; all of the parents were cheering for all of the boys, as it should be.

This was an amazing experience for all of us. The hockey, the friends and the experience as a whole will be a memory of a lifetime for Trystan.  We cannot thank you enough! Trystan and Michael will be down this weekend for a tournament in Chandler, so maybe they will see one or some of you at the rink. He, Julian and Karsen were invited to play with Mark Purcell’s team from Utah, just another positive from our TNW experience.

Sincerely, Judy, Michael, and Trystan



I wanted to drop a thank you and Team Northwest for letting Kolton have the opportunity to play on the team.  It was a great experience for him and he learned a lot.    Thanks also for  coaching the kids in Duluth.  I know it made a great impact on Kolton as I can see a positive difference in him since he returned from the weekend.  I should grab some speech pointers from you, it would help around here J.

Take care and thanks again.

Dan Kane

UCI – Unified Communications & Implementation


Dear Pamm and Todd,

Can’t thank you enough for this wonderful experience for Adam.  Adam really enjoyed the high level of play and getting to know such a great group of boys. This was a trip he will remember forever.  We are looking forward to Duluth and we can’t wait to see Minnesota for the first time.

Please let me know if there is any paperwork or fees you need from me. And we would definitely be interested in purchasing some Team Northwest apparel.

Thanks for everything,

Susan Parker


Todd and Pamm,

Thank you for all the time and effort you put into making our first Duluth experience a special time for our family. Like Garry, Andy, John K., and all the other TNW coaches and managers, you do it for the love of the sport, the players, and the time in Duluth; but it really meant a lot to both our boys, Shane and Timmy.

Shane learned so much from playing with his teammates (99s) and John’s coaching. His experience playing in Duluth has meant a great deal to him and has given him additional motivation, determination, and focus. He made friends and hopes to play with them again in the future. Timmy, who daily mentions how much he misses Duluth and wishes he was back there playing hockey, had a blast! He made friends and enjoyed the practices and games. We all enjoyed it (winning or losing) and we were really impressed by how the players bonded, played well together, and had tons of fun! Kudos to you and TNW for such a fun and enjoying week in Duluth.

On a side note, coming from Flagstaff (about the same size as Duluth), we were blown away by the number of rinks (indoor and outdoor)!! If you have John K.’s email, I’d like to send him a note as well or please forward this email to him. Thanks again and we’ll see you at the rink when we can get the boys there…

Rick Treadway Sinagua

Middle School 7th grade science


We really enjoyed our first year with Team Northwest, thanks for all of your hard work in making it a great tournament! Liam had a great time both on and off the ice. I attached a few pictures, the hockey ones are from the photographer at the championship game so I don’t know if you’ll be able to use them for the website or not.

Thanks again,

The Conway Family

AMAZING CAMP Hi Todd and Pamm,

The trip to North Dakota was amazing. The experience exceeded our expectations. Can’t wait until next year. I’ll be sure to bring my older son next time!

See you in Canada.


Anne Dickson



Todd and Pamm,

My name is Sarah Price and my son, Ethan (also known as EMAN) played with the 97′ team this summer. I wanted to take the time to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude to Team Northwest, parents, players and families. I am a single mother and was not able to make the trip with my son, however my parents took the time out of their schedules to bring EMAN to Canada. The many years my son has been playing hockey, I don’t think he has ever had such a positive experience or learned more than when he was in Canada. Since I was not there I had to go by what my son told me over the phone, through emails, and what my parents had told me. It was difficult for me not to be there, however hearing my son’s voice over the phone and how excited and happy he was it put me at ease. Eman had the time of his life and could not stop talking about the new friends he made, what awesome coaches he had, and even though he was working hard, hockey was still fun. As a parent, that is all that matters. I just wanted you to know the impact Team Northwest and Eman’s experience in Canada has had on his life. He will cherish the memories and the new friendships for the rest of his life. I just wanted to Thank all of you for the time commitment you have put into Team Northwest, and I know my son’s experience wouldn’t of been the same without the positive people involved with Team Northwest. Thank you doesn’t seem enough, but I am truly Thankful to all involved.


Sarah Price


Hi Todd and Pamm,

I just wanted to thank you for putting on a great camp this weekend !!. Zach had a great time…he really enjoyed the kids and the coaching staff. Once again thanks for all your work putting this together,



Hi Todd:

Just wanted to thank you again for a great weekend in Grand Forks, it was pound for pound the best hockey camp that Morgan has attended, he worked hard and learned allot about hockey at the college level.

The instructors really did a fine job with his age group and I know that the younger kids had a good time also, he especially enjoyed having Phil Lamaroux on the ice as he was Morgan’s defense coach his first year with TNW in 2005.

Thanks to all the UND personnel.

Garry Hefty